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The Old Castle Band

17 December 2006

 A nearly full house and we were entertained by Gerry and Maggie and then Noel, Steve and Olga from the What's the Point Celidh band, two very professional support acts who did great justice to themselves in the first and second half of the night.   The Old Castle Band took us by Storm with hilarious comedy and a fantastic variety of musical styles. Classic solos from most members of the Band as well as driving sing-along numbers like 'The Bonny Ship The Diamond'. The Audience were crying with laughter or singing at the top of their voices. This band is true value for money. What a night ending with 5 encores, I can't wait until their back with us again.

Dave Johns

The Old Castle Band Live at the Scrag End Folk Club

The Queensberry Rules

November 26 2006

 Having heard this band 2 years ago at the Bedworth Folk Festival it was great to be able to invite them to the Scrag End Folk Club.  The room was fairly full and the night started with a 20 minute spot from a very talented lady - Carter Chapman. Carter was very well received and did magnificent performances in both the first and second half of the night.

Queens Berry Rules Live at the Scrag End Folk Club

 Queensberry Rules had the audience in raptures, every song a winner with great patter.  What an original sound this group has, reminiscent of the early beatles in that it is so characteristic.  Great harmonies, excellent use of snare drum and symbol and fantastic musicianship on double base, guitar and bouzouki.  The song The 'Sagger Makers Bottom Knocker' was performed twice by popular request and ended a glorious night with the band signing many albums.  I can recommend this group to anyone, catch them back at the Scrag End in 2008.
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Dave Johns

The John Richards Band

21 May 2006

We were very privileged at the Scrag End to hear the first live performance of The John Richards Band's new album. The band lifted us to heights of rapture throughout the night despite the lead singers sore throat. John is a wonderful song writer and I can recommend the album to anyone. The blend of flute/whistle and accordion was truly ecstatic with upright base, electronic piano and guitar also played with undoutable skill; not to mention John's daughter's melodic voice. These are seasoned musicians with a tight and impeccable sound, I recommend anyone to see them.

Dave Johns

Steve Swaffer

19 March 2006

Steve at the Odd House Steve is a true Gentle Man of Folk. He entertained us with sweet ballads and more uptempo material, his sweet characteristic voice and soft manner with the audience lulled us into a peacefull relaxing mood. Always an enjoyable night with Steve. A mention for Frank Lane and Steve Edkins who did us proud with admirable support spots, thanks lads.



The Gill Fielding Band

Sunday 19th February 2006

Gill is a delightfull personality with a great voice. The band excuded enthusism and gave a small audience a great night. What I like about this band is that they have no pretentions and will travel a long way to perform, sometimes without the dues they deserve.


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