Travelling People Oct 20th 2002

What a night! The group were in great form despite the bass player being on business in Saudi Arabia! They drew a capacity audience who sang and laughed the evening away with many encores to end a superb night. Must not forget Tony Sharatt who performed two most enjoyable support spots in his usual laid back and melodic way.

Dave Johns 3rd Nov 2002

The two Steves and Friends Sunday 16th June 2002.

Steve Hamilton and Steve Kinston (formally of the group Beltain) treated a small audience to night of pure traditional English folk music. The friends consisted of Steve Goodyear, concertina player and John Gallagher, melodeon player, who performed melodic duets that had the audience spellbound. The evening was very varied with the two Steves treating us to well known audience participation songs and some lesser known songs and tunes that were equally appealing. There was an easy going, laid back atmosphere on the night with much humour. All the musicians were very talented but a special remark should be made about Steve Hamilton's voice, which lends it's self to this kind of traditional music
With local and national talent so close at hand, at affordable prices and in a cosy environment it's a must!

Dave Johns, July 2002.

Two For The Price Sunday July 21st 2002

Tony Sharratt and Pete Richmond alternated between each other to give a night of very easy listening folk music. Although the audience was small, we huddled around the guests to create a very intimate, convivial and jovial atmosphere. Both of these singers deserve to be seen in the spotlight by a wider audience and would appeal to many of you that like to hear popular folk songs performed in a relaxing style, sung with melodic voices and with skilled guitar accompaniment.

Dave Johns, August 2002

THE FOX HAT--Sun 18/08/02

This 7 Piece folk/rock band is a must for a lively and rocking nights entertainment.
The band display great talent in musicianship, being able to create a complete, balanced and harmonious sound, with their female lead singers superb voice driving through above the heart felt multi instrumental backing.
Their choice of material is excellent with many classic songs performed in a new light in their own folk rock style.
The audience at the Srag End folk club responded accordingly and a very sociable night was had by all.
Thanks to The Fox Hat for a great night and thanks also to Mark Atherton who came all the way from Matlock to do the support spots. A very talented artist who deserves to be seen widely.

Dave Johns August 02

Guest Night January 19th 2003 Brassneck

"Of course we are not an Irish band, you'd have to pay real money for one of those" enthused Steve Edkins of Brassneck some way into the evening before he and his cohorts launched into a speedy " Follow me up to Carlow and Llanigan's Ball"

The January guest night at the Scrag End Folk Club featured this up and coming five piece. Thanks in no small part to the Bands ability to engage and have fun with the audience;a great night of song, laughter and conviviality was had by all.

A band on a mission not just to perform but to entertain- be that by a string of adlib one liners directed at the unfortunate but topical Matthew Kelly lookalike in the front row to the haunting harmonica solo of " Red is The Rose" , the plethora of ballads/comic or otherwise and up beat Irish standards.

A band completely at ease with the audience made this a true party night. Tavern life at it's best.

Brassneck demonstrated that you can please all of the people all of the night-- with the possible exception of Mr Kelly of course.

Out with the Old and In with the New

Christmas 2004

Scrag End Folk Club rounded off 2004 with a visit from the Old Castle Band. The Old Castle Band are a folk-group of the kind that is often sorely missed these days. Their style is highly reminiscent of The Spinners or the Travelling People. Using a well balanced mix of traditional and contemporary folk song, interspersed with humour, this Tamworth group kept the audience enthused and always wanting more. Many of their songs were well known and the audience were able to sing along but such material was balanced by lesser known pieces. By the end of the evening, the group had so captured their audience that encore after encore was demanded of them.

The Old Castle Band were ably supported by Julie and Robert who performed a set of lesser known Christmas songs and carols in their inimitable style with Julie's pure soprano voice always blending perfectly with Robert's superb guitar work. Along with their Christmas set, they also performed some of their contemporary material by such popular contemporary folk-writers as Richard Thompson (Crazy Man Michael) and Sandy Denny (Who Knows Where the Time Goes). Julie and Robert will be supporting Bram Taylor in May.

New Year 2005

The first sing-around of the New Year held, as usual, in the lounge bar, saw a good mixture of regular members and visitors and music ranged from traditional, through contemporary to blues, plus a tongue in cheek session of Buddy Holly numbers. Songs, both accompanied and a-capella and instrumentals on tin whistles, harmonicas and concertina ensured a well balanced evening of folk (and not so folk) music. A good start to the new year.

Frank Lane


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