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Will Morgan support John Hill

Sunday September 15

MC Jan Tunicliffe welcomed an audience of around thirty people to the first guest night of the new season
after the summer break.

John Hill started the evening off with a Mick Ryan number ‘Ballad Seller’.
After a slight hiccup and some prompting from Jan the audience were soon joining in.

He treated us to some new numbers not previously heard at the Scrag. They included songs by John Connolly, Alan Taylor, Peter Knight, Cyril Tawny and closed with another Mick Ryan ‘Something to Show’. His rendering of Alan Taylor’s ‘Roll on the Day’ was exceptional and well received and harmonised by the audience.

Jan then introduced Will Morgan as an ‘an old friend and thoroughly nice bloke’, to which Will replied ‘something to live up to there’. Will first thanked John for his set, and then opened with something he described as ‘to get himself worked up, sorry warmed up’. His favourite performer Jake Thackeray, and Castleford Ladies Magic Circle.

His recount of the French Potato Famine and subsequent emigration of the French to New Orleans (who were really looking for New York, but got a bit lost) led into a blues style version of Frankie and Johnny which was hilarious. He then went a bit folky with the John Prine ‘What in the world’.

He then sang a couple of comedy type numbers in a hunting song about Lemmings and Friggin Brigadier. Mike Harding’s ’Mabel and the Man from the Pru’ was followed by the Pharaoh’s Song to close the first half.

John opened the second half with a Mark Knoppler number ‘Bonaparte’ and interspersed with Leonard Cohen and finishing with Graham Moore.

In all John delivered a mixed and very enjoyable set which was well received by all present.

After Will had drawn the raffle we had a mixture of comedy and parody starting with, ‘Fatty Groves’

loosely based on the old favourite ‘Matty Groves’, Grant Baynham’s ‘ Fat John’, AJ Clarke’s ‘Old Fashioned Song’, Jake Thackeray’s ‘Our Dog’ and Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Her father didn’t like me’, and others too numerous to mention.

Needless to say cheers and applause could only mean we wanted an encore. And what an encore, as everyone joined in with ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’. We had been treated to an evening of humour, monologues folk and blues.

Will thanked the audience saying how nervous he had been before he started but it never showed.

He passed on some worldly advice handed down to him Remember you’ll never be poor if you can remember three words


Sandra McCarthy


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